Monday, August 4, 2008

Universal Gets 2 Guns

Jared just showed me this comic the other day, and it sounds incredibly promising. Looks like Universal thought so too, since they've picked up the movie rights already.

The concept behind 2 Guns is as follows: Trench and Steadman, two thieves, try to rob a bank thinking they're screwing the mafia out of a bunch of money. Little do they know that they're both undercover cops, and their heist actually relieves the CIA of $50 million.

The film is supposed to be a "buddy cop" movie like Lethal Weapon, but with a modern spin (whatever that means). I really don't care - I think it's going to rock hard. With characters named Trench and Steadman, how can it not?

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Herzge Showenball said...

chet steadman?