Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holy Balls, I Just Realized This

All right. Brummitt and I were just talking about the news of Johnny Depp possibly making $75 million dollars for Pirates 4, and I didn't fully understand the gravity of that statement until we started talking about the numbers broken down in terms we can wrap our heads around. So for those of you who don't quite get it yet, let's take a look at what this would mean.

The average filming time for a standard Hollywood movie is three months. Let's say that Mr. Depp works every single day of those three months, for nine hours a day (which is highballing it, in all honesty. There's no way he would work nine hours straight for 90 straight days). But giving him the benefit of the doubt, here's the breakdown.
  • For a three month shoot, Depp would be making an astonishing $833,333 dollars PER DAY.
  • This translates to $95,593 dollars PER HOUR. Keep in mind, in 2007 the median American family was making approximately $50,000 dollars PER YEAR. In one hour, he's nearly doubled their yearly income.
  • If this deal is legitimate, it would mean Depp would be banking $1,543 dollars PER MINUTE.
  • Sickeningly, this breaks down into a mind-blowing $25 dollars PER SECOND. Within a mere 8 seconds, Johnny Depp will have made what the average American pulls down in a single day. Un-freaking-believable.


Head Hero said...

I heard he is making $56 million. Did they up the ante again?
Dang.....doesn't he have enough?

Ben Pearson said...

According to The Movie Blog, he's going for $75. And yes - he really should have enough already.

Ashley said...

way cool post-- I guess I didn't realize how much it was either- ri-dang-diculous.