Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Wachowskis Might Direct A New Superman Trilogy

Holy crap, this would be insane. The directing duo is rumored to be off their previously mentioned superhero project Plastic Man and offered a new Superman trilogy by Warner Brothers.

No word yet on if this is true, but keep checking back for more news as it becomes available. My two cents? I'd say give it to Mark Millar (he seems to have an epic tale already well planned out), but if you're going to give it to some big-name directors, the Wachowskis aren't a bad way to go. I just hope we see a GOOD Superman film on screen sometime in the next five years.


Head Hero said...

Couldn't agree more. I love the Matrix Trilogy (if you already couldn't tell) and I think that if they did Superman, it would be definitely have big effects.
But we need a good plot with a villain we can love/hate.

James Jacob said...

Is this legit? I've got doubts that this would work. Watched the Matrix recently and those two brothers must have a screw loose to come up with that idea - but Superman?

My favourite is the second one but a trilogy of films would be a lot to handle!

Ben Pearson said...

I think this has since been debunked. The new movie is apparently called "Superman Unleashed," but no director or stars are attached yet.