Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Machete Actually Happening?

Robert Rodriguez has been getting some bad habits from his buddy Tarantino over the past few years, announcing projects and kind of bailing on them after a while. Granted, not much of that was his fault per se, but the fact remains that Sin City 2 is nowhere near being made and his remake of Barbarella has died a horrible death.

Good news, then, that Danny Trejo told Gordon and The Whale (via Slashfilm) that Rodriguez and Co. are starting production on Machete within five weeks. Machete, if you'll recall, is the ultra-awesome explotation trailer featured in 2007's Grindhouse. I'm glad we're definitely going to see this, whether it comes to theaters (not likely) or direct-to-DVD (much more likely). Trejo is fantastic in these roles, and it seems like a project where Rodriguez can have some good old fashioned fun directing it (or, to be more specific, co-directing it with his editor).

You can refresh your memory with the trailer here, although I can't verify that this link will work. I'll fix it later on tonight if it doesn't work.


Head Hero said...

They f*cked with the wrong Mexican.

When you hire Machete to kill the bad guys, be sure the bad guy isn't you.

Rodriguez has tons of movies on his plate right now including: Predators, The Jetsons, Sin City 2 and Nervecrackers.

I would have loved a Barbarella remake...
And what has been happening with the Red Sonja movie?

Ben Pearson said...

I heard Red Sonja is supposed to drop in 2k10. Not sure about anything more specific on it, other than (obviously) it stars Rose McGowan and is supposed to be super violent.

Nerverackers sounds pretty terrible, he's not actually directing Predators, and it's hard to believe that they're actually making a live action Jetsons after the dismal monstrosity that was the live action Flintstones and it's inevitable sequel Viva Rock Vegas.