Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Roundup 9/10

You know what time it is.
  • After a lackluster summer, 20th Century Fox is considering making some changes to their lineup in the coming years. Properties they're thinking about adding? More X-Men spin-offs, including a possible Deadpool film with Ryan Reynolds. Also, they mention a reinvention of the Daredevil franchise. Jason Statham has expressed interest in the character, but the guys over at Slashfilm think that the property would be better as a show on HBO. I'm actually down for either one.
  • DJ Caruso has expressed interest in directing Marvel's Thor movie, and has apparently had a few meetings with the studio about it. There isn't a script yet, but I'll keep you updated on any further announcements. Speaking of Caruso, he also said that Alicia Keys is up for the role of Agent 355 in his Y: The Last Man trilogy because she looked the part, but he'd have to see if she could hold her own on the acting end of things before he would actually cast her.
  • The Wachowski's could possibly helm the Wonder Woman movie that will inevitably be greenlit by DC in a couple of years.
  • As far as we know, Arnold Schwarzenegger will not play any part in the upcoming Terminator film, right? Maybe not. Pictures of Arnie on the set of the movie are leading to rumors about him doing voice-over work and his face being digitally inserted onto some dude's body for the final cut of the flick, which comes out next summer. This would be a way for him to please the fans and not conflict with his gubernatorial duties by "acting" in the traditional sense. Hopefully the end result is cool rather than cheesy.
  • The latest rumor on Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes pic is that Colin Farrell is the man to play Watson, Robert Downey, Jr's sidekick. We'll see if that one is debunked in the next couple of days, just like the Will Smith/Captain America and PSH/Penguin (both were reported not true the day after being reported).


maroon 5 said...

keyes is so played...Rihanna should make her way into movies, and into my backseat as well

Diggity Stearnal said...

that last comment was left by no one other than Boomer McRihannahardon.

Bro, she's like 6'8. Seriously man, she could kick all of our asses. Stick with Alicia Keyes. She almost makes me want to be a black man.

Almost, bra.