Thursday, November 13, 2008

Roundup 11/13

I'm back from the DC trip, so we've got some catching up to do. Giddy up!
  • Ridley Scott is directing a movie based on the board game Monopoly. Conflicting quotes state he wants to give the movie a futuristic look (ala his own Blade Runner) or make a family oriented humor-based comedy. Either way, I'm almost positive it's going to be absolutely awful.
  • It's well known that I love Will Smith (as I'm sure 95% of America does), but this one is just a bad idea. His 10-year-old son Jaden (Pursuit of Happyness) is starring in a remake of The Karate Kid. The story will be moved from America to Beijing but keep many of the same story elements, which makes it even worse. Not only are they remaking it, but they're giving it to the Chinese? Come on...
  • Beyonce apparently had a meeting with some execs at Warner Brothers to talk about being Wonder Woman in the long-developing movie that can never seem to get off the ground. Honestly, I could care less about this project because Wonder Woman has never been of any particular interest to me personally, but I'm sure a lot of younger girls would find Beyonce's casting empowering and inspirational. The movie will probably suck, but what can you do?
  • Marvel has officially announced a director for The First Avenger: Captain America: Joe Johnston, the director of one of my favorite movies, The Rocketeer. I think this is a great choice, and Kevin Feige (big time exec at Marvel Studios) mirrors my confidence in him with this quote. "This is a guy who designed the vehicles for Star Wars, who storyboarded the convoy action sequence for Raiders of the Lost Ark. From Rocketeer to October Sky to The Wolfman, you can look at pieces of his movies and see how they lead to this one."
  • Dear Lord - it's happened. The universe is going to collapse onto itself. Aside from the upcoming Wayans production Dance Flick (which follows in the shoes of Epic Movie, Date Movie, Disaster Movie, etc), there is a film in production called Not Another Not Another Movie. It's a spoof...on spoof movies. It stars Chevy Chase (just retire already), Burt Reynolds (he's still alive?), and Vinnie Jones (why would you do this? They can't possibly be paying you enough), and the plot makes me want to cry. It's hard to believe crap like this is still being shoveled into theaters, but ONLY YOU can stop the studios by not seeing these movies in any context, whether that be in theaters, DVD, or HBO (ahem...Joe).
  • I was going to save this spot for the link where you can watch Midnight Meat Train for free online, but it's been taken down. What I DID find, however, is something much more to your liking - a link for Leprechaun 5: In The Hood starring Warwick Davis, Coolio, and Ice-T. I want to say I saw Back 2 Da Hood, but missed this one. Let me know what you think if you actually take the time to watch this.


Head Hero said...

Monopoly? Come on...Hungry Hungry Hippos would make the best movie ever!
It could be a horror movie!
But then will monopoly....for the audience...

Boze said...

I jesus. Im pretty sure the making of NANAM could be the worst news i have heard today!

eric cartman said...


To stop movies like NANAM, you would have the daunting task of getting every stupid person in American to wise up and never see these movies again. But just like the Elementary School Musical South Park, we're just oblivious residents in the crazy world of gay-movie spoofs.

"Hybrid cars. They just don't get the job done."

Joey Joe said...

wow i am really digging this round up. your promise and prognostication of terrible things is much more entertaining and this edition was packed to the MAXXX!

on the topic of a monopoly movie, if scott (who i believe does numbers) makes this a children's movie it could be quite entertaining.