Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Iron Man 2 Casting Rumors

Today is officially Mickey Rourke Day here at Ben's Daily Movie News. Not only was it announced earlier this morning that the comeback kid would be joining the ridiculously awesome cast of Stallone's The Expendables, now he's in consideration for Iron Man II.

Rourke, along with fellow actor Sam Rockwell (Matchstick Men), are rumored for villain parts in Jon Favreau's upcoming sequel. Rourke would play either Crimson Dynamo or Whiplash (I have no idea who either one is), a Russian counterpart to Tony Stark who battles the hero in his own nuclear powered suit. Rockwell's character, if the deal goes through, will be the manly-named Justin Hammer, a rival industrialist of Stark's with a genius IQ who finances criminals and requires half of their profits for his services.

I'm really digging how comic book movies have slowly gone from casting ridiculous actors to more respected ones. Iron Man II hits theaters in May of 2010.

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