Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jackie Chan is Mr. Miyagi???

"Wash my car, fool. I didn't tell you to take a break."

You've got to be kidding me. Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi? This sounds like it's going to put the "ass" back in "disaster."*

Not only are they remaking The Karate Kid (unnecessary and probably insulting, by the way), but the jackhole who is directing The Pink Panther 2 is taking over the directing duties for the movie. And Will Smith's son is still going to play the Ralph Macchio part. In China, instead of America. Do me a favor right now, and promise me that you won't see this movie when it comes out, or ever - even on DVD. The only way the studios are going to learn their lesson is if their films don't make money, so for the love of Pat Morita - boycott this one.

*Yeah, I had to switch some letters around for it to work. Bite me - I'm pissed about this movie being made.