Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uncertainty Trailer

Laugh it up, D-bags: I'm posting a Joseph Gordon-Levitt trailer. It's well known that the dude is one of my favorite actors, so go ahead and chuckle amongst yourselves. The movie is called Uncertainty, and also stars Lynn Collins (I don't know who she is, either).

I've never heard of this movie before my co-writers at GeekTyrant posted about it, but half of it looks awesome. Guess which half - the pregnancy part, or the murder/extortion plot? Check out the trailer for yourself and decide what you think.


John Lithgow said...

I'm "uncertain" about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's ability as an actor. Jus' sayin', bro.

Becki : ) said...

I love him. And I am kind of excited to see this movie : )