Monday, November 2, 2009

Roundup 11/1

What's up, people. I've got a little update for this site. As you know, I'm spreading myself pretty thin these days writing for a bunch of different sites, and I really want to contribute to this site but can't seem to find the time. This is a result of my writing at, where essentially I write what I would have written here. So instead of ignoring this site like I have been over the past few weeks, I've decided on a temporary solution.

From now on, any time I post something on GeekTyrant I'll give it its own post here and link to the article over there. I've been lucky enough to only post stuff over there that I actually care about so far; if you've visited other movie news websites, you know that the sheer volume of crap that people report on is overwhelming. So I'm happy that I've only posted stuff that I'm interested in over there, and I'll continue to do the same thing over here. If I'm really pressed for time, I might link to another GeekTyrant author's post if they beat me to the punch on a story that I normally would have posted here - otherwise, I'll write it up here myself like I normally would.

So for this post, I'll just link to all the news pieces I've done at GeekTyrant so far (reviews excluded).

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