Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Platinum Dunes' Upcoming Slate

Platinum Dunes, a relatively new production company, has been responsible for some of the horror remakes we've seen over the past few years (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror, etc). They've had Hitchcock in their sights for a while now, hoping to do a remake of The Birds for 2009. Recently, they've decided to relaunch Friday the 13th AND Nightmare on Elm Street much in the same fashion as they did with Texas Chainsaw.

What I wasn't aware of is the fact that Platinum Dunes is run by Andrew Form (don't care), Brad Fuller (never heard of him), and (dun dun DUN) the one and only Michael Bay. Fun fact.

And while we're on the topic of Platinum Dunes, they aren't only in the game for remakes: they've got a couple other projects on the way as well. Odette Yustman (Beth from Cloverfield) will star in David S. Goyer's new untitled project for the fledgling company. The release date is currently unknown. Dennis Quaid will star in Horsemen, about a detective who uncovers strange connections between himself and the serial killer he's tracking (Se7en, anyone?). But by far the coolest thing they're working on is a film called Fiasco Heights. From AICN:

"The story, which occurs in a stylized 'hyper-real' noir environment akin to that of Sin City, centers on a notorious hitman who teams with a failed private eye in search of a missing woman and an invaluable briefcase."

Count me in.

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