Thursday, January 31, 2008

We Thought It Was Over

Sadly, has confirmed the trailer is imminent for Superhero Movie, another zinger from the people who brought us the Scary Movie franchise. Leslie Neilsen and a bunch of other people will star, and it hits theaters March 28th. Apparently the trailer is supposed to come out either this weekend or next. Someone kill me now.

UPDATE AGAIN: I HAD the trailer up here, but I guess it was a leaked version that wasn't supposed to get out. I'm too lazy to find another one, so track it down yourself if you REALLY want to be disappointed.


Alan Trehern said...

Ben, just accept it. These movies are always going to be around. Just as there are always going to be rich and poor folk, there's always going to be those great movies that appeal to educated movie goers (such as ourselves) and those movies that appeal to the one-chromesome riff-raff that actually produce these spoof movies.

Tell me more, Ben's Daily Movie News, tell me more.

Ben Pearson said...

Come to think of it, you are right. I really should accept it, because these things aren't going away any time soon.

(Nice use of riff-raff, by the way)

alan said...

Ben, get your trailer from someone who wants it to be shown. Apparently, they've blocked this one.

Joey Joe said...

oh man, they are also making Sci-Fi movie