Monday, December 8, 2008

Fables Coming To ABC

Fables, an ongoing comic series created by Bill Willingham, has been picked up for development by ABC television.

The comic, which features all of the fairy tale characters (The Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, etc) living together in New York City after they escaped from their home worlds, has been running since 2002 and shows no signs of slowing down. Incidentally, it's one of the few comics that I read and I can't recommend it highly enough. Check it out at a library if you have to, but do whatever you can to get your hands on a copy of this series. The first issue is free online here.

As far as the news of its new television counterpart - I was talking with Jared (who got me hooked on Fables) and we agree that the source material is best adapted into a long form TV series rather than trying to squeeze things into a film. That's not to say that after a few years of running on ABC, a movie spin off couldn't happen. All I have to say is I hope the creators of this show do the comic justice. If done correctly, this could easily be one of the coolest shows on TV.


Alan Trehern said...

I agree that massive stories like this can only be honored correctly with on-going production (like a TV series).

However, like they did with the Pokemon movie (yeah, that's right, I refer to it on a daily basis), the movie was actually in continuity with the show.

So they could wait for a massive event in the series, maybe the Boy Blue attack on the Adversary, make the movie and then have the proceeding shows after the movie have been affected by it.

A summer release between seasons would probably be the best.

Jared said...

Unfortunately, that's assuming the series will follow the book at all. Apparently, Bill Willingham, the creator, has had no involvement in the production whatsoever so far. Usually when there is a desire to follow the source material they get the creator involved in at least some respect. It's kind of shameful. Hopefully, this will all be resolved to my liking...because I could care less if anyone else enjoys the show.

tom avery said...

this isnt movie news. it says movie right there in the title. booooben!

Ben Pearson said...

My dear Tom, I posted this because I'm a big fan of the series and I made a vague attempt at relating it to movie news by suggesting that the show could eventually spin off into a film. So, by the slightest thread, it is potential movie news. Thanks for the concern, though.