Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic Con 09: The Prisoner

The AMC network ("Breaking Bad," "Mad Men") has produced a mini-series based on the 1960's cult classic TV show "The Prisoner." I believe it will be six parts, and it begins in November of 2009. At Comic Con this week, the network has released a nine minute sizzle reel to hook audiences and get them excited about what they're calling "the most anticipated television event of 2009."

The series stars Jim Caviezel as Number Six, a regular man captured and trapped in a utopia-esque environment called The Village. Ian McKellan (Gandalf, Magneto, you know who he is) co-stars as the leader of The Village who tries to convince everyone they've always been there and there is no life outside of his created environment. It looks like a great cross between The Truman Show, "LOST," and Michael Bay's The Island. Here's the nine minute preview from I'm really pumped about this.

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