Friday, July 10, 2009

Green Lantern Update!

Looks like that rumor of Justin Timberlake trying on the Green Lantern suit had some truth behind it.

The Hollywood Reporter now says that Timberlake, Bradley Cooper (The Hangover), and Ryan Reynolds are the big three in contention for the role. The trifecta had a deal worked out that expired this past Monday, so now they are free to accept offers for other projects. Various producers had different favorites, so they couldn't make a final decision, but expect the casting announcement soon.

Man, I wasn't even aware that Ryan Reynolds was in serious talks for the part. I love the guy, but I think his wise-ass sensibilities are much better suited for a role like Wally West (aka The Flash) than Hal Jordan. Cooper or Timberlake, for the win.

UPDATE: I was totally wrong. Ryan Reynolds has indeed won the role of Green Lantern. My feelings on the matter still stand.

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Becca : ) said...

Interesting. I agree with you. Love him, but he is to sarcastic.