Friday, July 31, 2009

Rob Marshall to Direct Pirates 4?

Acclaimed (I guess) musical director Rob Marshall (Chicago, the upcoming Nine) is in talks to direct the fourth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Director Gore Verbinski has already dropped out, and Johnny Depp is already signed to reprise his now-iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow, but there's not much that could get me excited about this series anymore. They ran it into the ground with the second and third films, and even a story about Sparrow and Barbossa searching for the Fountain of Youth (as rumored) does little to pique my interest.

Rob Marshall might as well turn this movie into a musical. It'd be like Sweeney Todd, but with pirates. Set it in space, and have a crossover with the new Captain Blood remake, and they can start a whole new offshoot with some characters featured in both. It'd be like "CSI: Miami," but with secondary pirate characters. In SPACE.