Friday, February 1, 2008

Big Thunder Mountain Movie On The Way?

Are you kidding me? Is Disney going to make ALL of its rides into movies? That same movie guy who knew about the National Treasure sequels is saying that Disney registered more domain names recently:,,, and This is getting ridiculous.

No plot details are known yet, but one can only guess it'll be a rip-roarin' ride through mine shafts and train stations on a search for gold in the Arizona desert. It's a pity Brer Rabbit won't be there to enjoy the ride. Maybe that'll happen in 2017 when Splash Mountain - The Movie finally comes out.*

The Haunted Mansion, the Pirates franchise, The Country Bears, the Tower of Terror made-for-TV film, that Jungle Cruise movie they had in development - seriously, Disney: WTF?

*As far as I know, there is NOT a Splash Mountain movie in development...yet.


splashmountainthemoviewouldberacistashell said...

This could be something really sweet if they take it in a "western genre" direction. Big Thunder Mountain could be the untamed wilderness somewhere out west, and our band of lovable heroes (owen wilson and vince vaughn) are the only ones who can find the gold before old man jenkins (fred willard) becomes too rich and buys up the land. Check and mate.

walt disney said...

Space Mountain - The Movie...coming 2021!