Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bourne is Back

The day I have feared since August is finally here. Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass have signed on for another Bourne movie.

Why are they doing this? The Bourne Ultimatum tied the franchise together so well, and now they're going to ruin it by continuing on with a series that is perfectly fine as is. This probably won't be filmed for a couple of years since both the actor and the director have busy schedules ahead of them, but my initial response toward this film is one of disdain and disgust. Is money all they are thinking about? Doesn't art count for anything anymore? (Not to mention the three existing films were the only ones based on Ludlam's books, and some new jackleg is writing them now. Apparently they suck, so we have THAT to look forward to.)

When a franchise grosses $945 million worldwide, I guess the "logical" thing to do would be to continue it, as I'm sure they're going to do with Pirates of the Caribbean in the next couple of years. Maybe they'll come to their senses as it gets closer to production and realize that they don't really need to make this sequel.


mr. spock said...

ah, I see you used the deductive powers of the kolinhar

On an unrelated note said...


im f*cking matt damon

satisfied youtube watcher said...

Thank you sir, thank you. that video was one of the best I've EVER seen!