Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fanboys Altered, Probably Going To Suck

Fanboys sounded like it had a lot of promise. The story was supposed to be about a group of die-hard Star Wars fans who try to grant their dying friend one last wish. The wish is to get a copy of Episode I before it came to theaters (the film is set before Episode I came out, obviously). You can check out the trailer here.

The movie was supposed to come out a few months ago, but had been inexplicably pushed back by the Weinstein Company. Now, news drops that the studio has re-shot a lot of the film, re-edited it, and completely removed the "dying friend" storyline, replacing it with "nudity, lots of F-bombs, the whole works." The studio even changed directors after shooting was finished, and credit the guy who came in and did clean-up shots as the real director. Superman II, anyone?

It's a shame when studios get their hands on a finished product and then decide it's not "mainstream" enough to make them the profit that they so desperately crave. From the sound of it, this could have actually been decent with its original premise; now, I'm not so sure. Plus, they still haven't set a release date. Bah.

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Boomer said...

Wow. That looks really questionable. It looks like one of "those movies" that should star Jonah Hill.