Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Step Up 3-D Coming Next

Yes, you read that correctly. Disney has decided the newest sequel in the Step Up franchise will be done in 3-D. It's going to be called Step Up 3-D. No reasons were given, but Disney execs were quoted as saying, "People need to see other people 'being served' in 3-D. It's way more insulting to the dancers and much more fun for the high school girls that go to see our films!"

In related news, Disney execs were actually not quoted as saying that, since I made it up. But I wouldn't be surprised if that was to come out on a press release sometime soon.


hannah montana said...


real life rick said...

this is complete crap...Step Up is a terrible franchise, and appeals to like 0.3% of the population that dancing actually makes a difference in peoples' lives.

Just for the record, it doesn't.

Timothy said...

the post above is riddled with ignorance. you people just don't understand our lifestyle. jamie kennedy and I will kick it ol' school on your FACE!

Lloydrick DeMontague said...

this movie sounds like a terrible idea. But, you know what sounds awesome? If we make Generic- Breakdancing-And-Or-Regular-Dancing-With-Perserverance-And-Possibly-Antonio-Banderas-Movie

Hells yes!