Sunday, February 3, 2008

Venom Spin-Off?

According to ISEB, Marvel Studios has met with "several A-list writers" to prepare a Venom spin-off film. Keep in mind that Marvel Studios is one of many recently to make interim deals with the WGA, which translates into them getting to work on this as quickly as possible without having to wait for the strike to end.

I'm a fan of Venom, but I think they covered all the bases in Spider-Man 3. The competition Eddie Brock has with Peter at the Daily Bugle, the belltower scene, all of that: they already did it, so how can they make an entire spin-off movie about it? Granted, one of Spider-Man 3's main problems was they threw in one too many villains, so they could have fleshed out the details a little more with Venom, but I feel like they've already talked about everything that's worthy to mention with this character. And with Spider-Man 4 now in the works, are they going to try to compete with that film over who gets Carnage as a villain? Let's hope not. Keep in mind, no one has been hired yet, so this project still has the possibility of completely falling through.

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