Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All Saint's Day Finally Greenlit?

After years of legal issues and delays, Troy Duffy has announced that Sony Picture Studios will back the production of The Boondock Saints: All Saint's Day and filming is set to begin this summer. (Happy St. Patrick's Day!) Duffy, the writer/director of the first film, has made claims like this before, but legal troubles have always gotten in the way of it actually getting done.

[If you haven't yet seen the original cult classic, I can only say it depends on what kind of person you are whether or not you'd enjoy it. It features pretty serious violence and is easily in my "Top 3 Movies That Drop The Most F-Bombs." If that sounds appealing to you, then I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it.]

Duffy made this announcement through a YouTube video which has subsequently been taken off the site for unknown reasons. Some people are still skeptical that this project will actually happen, but 10 years after the first film's release, it's looking like it might get made. The original cast (except for Willem Dafoe) is set to return for this sequel.

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complete bull crap said...

Yeah, the reason Willem Dafoe isn't returning for the sequel is because of his huge plate right now. Not only is he playing the Green Goblin in a made-for-SCI-FI movie about the Goblin's tumultuous childhood on the streets of New Haven, CT, BUT he is also on site as saying a Clear and Present Danger spin-off is in the works as well. Jack Ryan wasn't the first person John Clark helped bust a drug op with.