Saturday, March 15, 2008

Smith's Kids Gettin' Jiggy Wit' Amulet

Variety reports Jayden and Willow Smith, son and daughter of Will and Jada Smith, have signed on to star in an adaptation of a children's graphic novel. The first of the films (or maybe all of them, I'm not certain) is called Amulet.

The story follows a brother and sister who move into their late great-grandfather's house after their dad passes away. They must use his amulet to rescue their newly-single mother and save her from the beast that lures her into an underground world of danger.

I know her husband just died, but come on - a grown-ass woman being lured into an underground world by a beast? Call the cops, or the zoo, or pest control or something - why are you gonna follow some evil monster ANYWHERE underground? That amulet better pack a punch.

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lil mama said...

Jayden's afro is sick!