Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stealing Our Ideas...Again

These people must have come across The Epic: Quest For Schneider when it was released, because (I kid you not) there's a movie coming out about Zombie Nazis.

It's Finnish, and the story follows an American/Finnish platoon who goes a little too far into battle, and has to retreat slightly, only to be attacked by the same enemy soldiers they just killed. A direct quote - "Death is no longer the final frontier." I don't have the ability to embed the trailer (which has no dialogue, by the way) directly into this page, but you can check it out at this link if you're interested.

Originally titled War of the Dead (similar to Day, Dawn, Shaun, Diary, and Dance), this film was recently renamed Stone's War. It's supposed to have a US release sometime this year. What a bunch of hacks. Where's our check?


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It would seem as though the media has come to thwart us again.

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