Monday, March 10, 2008

Mila Kunis Is In Payne

Max Payne, that is. Variety reports the starlet has signed on to star opposite the (perfectly cast) Mark Wahlberg in the video game adaptation.

She will play an assassin who teams up with the titular character to avenge her sister's death. If they follow the game's outline (which they should), her character's name will be Mona Sax. I think if they transcribe the game into a movie like Sin City was done, with heavy reliance on the source material, this could be a great noir. And with Sin City 2 on the back burner, I'm happy for any noir incarnations hitting the big screen until then. For my fellow noir fans out there, get psyched for Assassination of a High School President - Bruce Willis is in it, and it comes to theaters in August.


in the boom room said...

I would give her some pain!

BelTravion De La Sol said...

mila kunis is most certainly a dimepiece benjamin. she was a good portion of why that 70's show was a hit, and i hope she does more movies.