Friday, April 4, 2008

Denzel Signs For Matarese Circle

One of Robert Ludlam's non-Bourne books, The Matarese Circle, is getting adapted for the screen for an expected 2009 release. The story revolves around two secret agents who must work together to fight a group called the Matarese - but the catch is that the two agents have a history of being nemeses and each has killed someone close to the other. The two agents are Russian and American, so Denzel has obviously signed on to play the Russian, with Dolph Lundgren in talks for the American role.

I'm legally required to say that I'm joking about that last part.


Boze said...

Wow.... i thought that Matarese Circle was a typo by you, but apparently I just read the sequel "The Matarese Countdown"... Interesting, i think Denzel is pretty sweet for a Ludlum-esque movie

steppinred mcgrueder said...

that picture makes him seem disinterested in the project all-together, maybe because the lack of black people in the bourne series.