Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"FSM" Cast Reunites

Forgetting Sarah Marshall stars Jonah Hill (Creepy Hotel Worker) and Russell Brand (Aldous Snow) are set to reunite with director Nicholas Stoller for his newest comedy called Get Him to the Greek. Variety says this Apatow-produced movie centers on a "fresh-out-of-college insurance adjuster (Hill) who is hired to accompany an out-of-control rock star from London to a gig at LA's Greek Theater."

So basically Russell Brand is playing the EXACT same character in this movie as he did in the last one. I hope they don't even try to cover that up: I hope his name is Aldous Snow and he literally is the same character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Either way, I thought he was one of the best parts about that movie (Mila Kunis' stunningly good looks aside), so I'm happy to hear that we'll be getting more ridiculous antics from Brand in the future. Jonah Hill is funny in his own way, I guess - but it'll be good to see him in a more reserved role than the "crazy fat kid" that he always plays.

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