Monday, April 7, 2008

Trick 'R Treat Loses Distribution

Unfortunately for horror fans, Trick 'R Treat has been dropped by Warner Bros. distribution and is now searching for companies with enough faith in it to get it out to theaters. Featuring a cast including Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Leslie Bibb, and Dylan Baker, the movie follows four interwoven stories of terror on a Halloween night. Check out the trailer (featured on the 300 DVD) below. I hope this finds distribution; I actually kind of wanted to see it. Plus, it was made by Legendary Pictures (Batman Begins, 300, etc) so I want it to succeed because I love those guys. The trailer starts off really creepy, then kind of gets ridiculous, but it looks like it has promise. It's the directorial debut of the guy who wrote X-Men 2, whatever that may mean to you.

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