Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bourne in the USA? Nope - Try South America

Rumors surrounding a return of the Bourne franchise have been hard to come by lately, and I stupidly thought that might mean something had gone wrong with the production or they just decided to leave the series alone. Guess again.

The cats over at IESB scored a video interview with producer Frank Marshall, who said that we will "absolutely" see another Bourne movie and that it's planning to shoot next summer for a 2010 release date. Although the script hasn't been finalized yet, Marshall also revealed that Jason Bourne would be heading to South America in this next installment.

As I'm sure you know, I really thought The Bourne Ultimatum was a great capstone to a really solid series. I think it ended perfectly, and I don't see how they can top it with another movie. Hopefully they'll prove me wrong, because it's sounding pretty locked down that this film is actually happening.

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