Monday, June 30, 2008

Matthew Fox in a Comic Book Movie?

Matthew Fox (Lost, Speed Racer, Vantage Point) has been offered the lead role in a film adaptation of a comic book called Billy Smoke. The comic hasn't even been released yet (it comes out next year!), so as of now nobody can really say anything about how good this will be or whether this casting decision is a good one.

The comic, and presumably the movie, will follow an elite hitman who is nearly killed on a blown assignment and realizes that he has to rid the world of all assassins to find redemption. Sounds a little like Wanted mixed with In Bruges. But that mission seems kind of excessive, don't you think? Ridding the world of ALL assassins? That's probably not necessary, dude.

In unrelated news, I'm just starting Season 2 of Lost and the show has been outstanding so far. I'd highly recommend checking it out on (for free) and seeing what all the hype is about. I can't vouch for later seasons, but I haven't seen a bad episode yet.

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