Monday, June 16, 2008

Roundup 6/16

I'm back from NYC, so that means we've got a lot of catching up to do. O WA-AH-AH-AH!

  • No, I haven't seen The Incredible Hulk or The Happening yet. Movie tickets are expensive in New York. When I do see them (this week, most likely), reviews shall be posted on Ben's Movie Reviews. Keep checkin' if you're interested.
  • The first trailer for Jason Statham's Death Race has hit the internet, and it sucks somethin' awful. Yes, it's a loose remake of Death Race 2000, and yes, it looks like something that Stone Cold Steve Austin should be starring in.
  • Now that the Matthew McConaughey rumors have been debunked, here's a new one for ya: Marvel is supposedly interested in Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America. And they want Brad Pitt as a backup. My take? DiCaprio is way too busy, and Marvel already said they wanted Pitt for Thor. They're gonna have to make up their minds pretty soon.
  • The teaser trailer for Marvel/Lionsgate's sequel Punisher: War Zone is out. They seem pretty desperate by using the whole "Ray Stevensen IS The Punisher!" line, but the movie is being praised for it's heavy violence so far. The chick who directed Green Street Hooligans (awesome flick, by the way) is directing, and she describes her movie as The Incredible Hulk to Ang Lee's Hulk.
  • Sweet! As I'm writing this, I just learned that there's going to be a sequel to the parkour/Freestyle Walking movie District B-13, aptly titled District B-14. You can bet your ass there are going to be some awesome stunts in this thing whenever it comes out. Production begins next month. Check out my review of the first one here.
  • A year after it was first speculated, the official announcement has come that Len Wiseman (director of Underworld and Live Free or Die Hard) will direct a big screen adaptation of the XBox video game Gears of War. I don't really care, but some of you gamers might.
I guess there wasn't as much interesting information that we missed as I originally thought. But beware - I'm going to be in Orlando for the rest of the week, so we'll probably have another Roundup coming up this weekend.

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That is a pretty solid roundup Benjamin