Thursday, June 26, 2008

School of Rock 2?

In the seemingly never-ending lack of originality from Hollywood, word arrives that a script for School of Rock 2: Rock Harder has been completed. (I made up that subtitle.)

The writer of the first one, Mike White (who also played Ned), "literally just turned it in" to the studio to see if they'll pick it up. Jack Black has recently said that he won't return for a potential sequel unless director Richard Linklater will come back as well, and there's no telling if that will happen.

I'm under the impression that they should leave this alone and go out on a high note (no pun intended). The first film was one of the few movies heavily involving children that I liked, and I can't imagine them recreating that feat twice in a row. What do you guys think?


drekson rye-upon-boobage said...

rock harder...haha...send that in, i could actually see that being the subtitle

humphrey von tits-lickër said...

sigh...movies with children...the the hand that unwinds the fabric of society and intellectual art