Monday, July 7, 2008

Alice in Wonderland Casting Rumors

I know some of you are fReAkInG oUt about the new Tim Burton adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, so here's the latest casting rumor for ya.

There has been rampant internet speculation about who could play Alice, with a list including Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Evan Rachel Wood, and Johnny Depp himself. But according to TheBadAndTheUgly, Alice has already been cast. The lucky actress? An unknown by the name of Ryan Nikole Parker, who was featured on American Idol. No, I'm not kidding about that, either.

Anyway, word on the street says there will be an official press release about the film on July 9th, so we'll see if this is true or possibly just Parker spreading rumors about herself to increase her visibility in the film industry. From that picture, I thought it was LC from "The Hills" for a second. Joel McHale would have blown a gasket.


sir humperdinck von grammacticäl said...

ben, using "ya" as opposed to "you" can only be a minor mistake, but it can snowball. Stick with the King's English.

Ben Pearson said...

Forgive me, good sir. It shan't happen again.

Joey Joe said...

wait wait waiiii a second, bra.

lindsay lohan? wtfloarang? man. give me that ali lohan anyday.

SMG? is she still relevant?

evan rachel wood isn't strung out by now? p.s. watch thirteen and not feel like a creepass.

johnny depp? wha? sex, not applicable.

but go LC, anyday. hell, i'd watch that chick in a live action murder-mystery flick where she plays a sprinklerhead who witnessed the mailman slain.

hmmm, this comment brought to you by Shamwow! youll say wow everyday, mofo.

Ben Pearson said...

LC as a THERE'S an original concept. Let's see if we can get that script written up - I know some people in LA who might be able to hand that off to her. And by "hand it off to her" I mean throw it at her on the off chance they happen to see her in the same city.