Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tony Jaa Has Jungle Fever

Thai-action-superstar Tony Jaa has apparently disappeared into the jungle to meditate, since he's been having trouble finishing the upcoming Ong-Bak 2.

The sequel is nearly complete and the director of The Protector is supposed to be coming in to finish it up in case Jaa never comes back, but I guess the production has taken its toll on Jaa. He's been missing since June, and recently his government held a press conference to confirm the fact. This sounds an awful lot like that John Basedow-tsunami story, but in any case - godspeed, TJ. Get back to us soon.


tee breezy said...

I'll send my animal spirit to protect you, Tony.

steps parres said...

your misleading titles bring us in, only to disappoint. here i am thinking jaa enjoys the sistaz, and what do we get but an extended vacation update? what's next, a cristiano ronaldo/george clooney yacht loving post?