Monday, July 28, 2008

Nottingham Pushed Back

Curses. I was really looking forward to this project, which reunites actor Russell Crowe (awesome) with director Ridley Scott for the third time. Read up on it here.

The movie, which features the Sheriff of Nottingham as the protagonist and Robin Hood as a terrorist figure, has hit delays due to the possible upcoming Screen Actors Guild strike and some script issues that still need to be worked out. Production was supposed to begin in a couple of weeks, but now it's being put on hold indefinitely. Boo.

I'll keep you posted when this project ramps up again; both Scott and Crowe remain attached to the film.


Ashley said...

is this the guy from Men in Tights? ...or Princess Bride?
or am I just totally wrong?

Ben Pearson said...

It's the guy from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, actually. He also (supposedly) plays Snape in the Harry Potter movies (I've never seen them.) Alan Rickman is his name, in case you're wondering.