Friday, July 11, 2008

Warner Bros. and DC Meet To Discuss Future

It's about time. After Marvel has been shellacking them for months, the execs at Warner Brothers and DC are meeting up to talk about what they should do in retaliation.

Don't get me wrong - The Dark Knight is (in all likelihood) going to be the biggest movie of the summer, so DC doesn't really have that much to worry about in terms of RIGHT NOW, but Marvel has a pretty cool slate lined up and with a sequel to the hugely successful Iron Man in the works, DC better tighten up their game.

This meeting should determine the outcome of the long-gestating Superman Returns follow up movie, The Man of Steel, as well as reveal some of DC's other properties that will become film adaptations. Expect a press release in a month or two.

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de furer of DC said...

I dont know if you know this, but talks would go alot faster if I was running things. Movies from the DC universe would happen every 3-7 months, to keep the peoples interest of course. Hell, I'd have a GL movie, including 2 sequels, planned for 2009. I'd be known as De Furer of DC