Saturday, July 19, 2008

Enough LaBeouf

It's widely known that I'm an outspoken fan of Shia LaBeouf's. I think the kid's got some serious talent that we haven't seen yet, and I think he does a great job with the "slacker" characters that are written for him. Hopefully in the upcoming Eagle Eye he'll be a little more serious and show us more versatility.

Anyway, I know that some of you have utter disdain for the kid (your reasoning escapes me), so check these T-Shirts out that BustedTees are selling on their website.


boomdaddy said...

it should say "I can't get enough labeouf!" Oh man crush for him is outrageous

you know who this is said...

man, why cant you guys relinquish your manhood from this guy's butthole. seriously, take a tip and let this guy fade quietly into "Overplayed-played".

Sir Mix-A-Lot said...

Boomer would "take a tip."