Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Y: The Last Man in 2010 - Hopefully

DJ Caruso recently spoke to a few reporters, who asked him about the status of his adaptation of Y: The Last Man.

He confirms his vision to see the films done in trilogy format, and reiterates Shia LaBeouf's interest in the project. He says that if all goes according to plan, they'll prep the movie in October and start shooting in January - this would provide Shia with a much-needed break that Caruso feels he deserves and hopefully filling a void that Warner Bros. has for 2010. I'll keep you posted with any further developments about this project, as I'm very much looking forward to it on a personal level.


Boze said...

I remember you and Jared raving about this comic... i think it would be a must see trilogy

boom said...

definitely keep us posted...i'm stoked for this