Thursday, July 10, 2008

Favreau Returns

After two months of rabid speculation from bloggers, Jon Favreau has finally reached an agreement with Marvel to come back and direct Iron Man 2.

There were some standard money issues being discussed, so that's what held the whole thing up. But fans are glad to have Favreau back after the solid job he did on the first movie. He's said before that he doesn't know if 2010 is a reasonable release slot for Iron Man 2 since they don't have a script yet, but if he's signed on to the project he must know something we don't. Marvel certainly has a lot ahead of them in the next couple of years, and I don't know what would happen if they had to push a project back a year. Would that shelve the other projects for a year following? How does that work? Here's hoping we won't find out.

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