Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Roundup 7/14

Howdy folks. As most of you know, I'm now gainfully employed. Therefore, my online production is probably going to decrease a little, at least until I move into a new place where the internet is more stable. Until then - here's a new Roundup for you.
  • The previously-predicted School of Rock 2 is now official. Called School of Rock 2: America Rocks, this sequel follows Dewey Finn as he leads summer school students on a cross-country road trip that "delves into the history of rock 'n roll and explores blues, rap, country, and other genres. Jack Black, Mike White (writer), and Richard Linklater (director) are all returning, but that's not going to stop this movie from (most likely) sucking. I doubt it'll live up to the original.

  • Marc Platt, the producer of Wanted, is producing two big screen adaptations of Broadway plays, which are about from far as Wanted as you can get. The plays in question? Wicked and Jesus Christ Superstar.

  • The latest franchise to have an add-on? Scream 4 has been greenlit. I saw the first one, so it sounds like it's time for me to catch up on that series.

  • Woody Harrelson is joining the ever-growing cast of Roland Emmerich's 2012 about the Mayan prophecy that destroys the world. Harrelson will play the paranoid conspiracy theorist. Figures.

  • There's a German rumor out now about Keanu Reeves being reunited with the Wachowski's for a movie in the near future. The funny/interesting part? Reeves would star as Plastic Man, a neglected DC superhero that's basically Stretch Armstrong. I'd definitely see it.

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