Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back To The Future 4 Ain't Happening

With the return of all of these classic movie franchises recently (Rocky, Rambo, Indiana Jones, etc), myself and others wondered if Back to the Future could ever join that group with another addition to the series. Bob Gale, producer/writer of the films, says no.

Probably a good thing, since Foxy isn't doin' so hot with his Parkinson's disease (I'm pulling for ya, MJF) and Chris Lloyd has gotta be pushing about 105-years-old by now. Gale said that they wouldn't do it without Michael J. Fox because that'd be like "cooking you a steak dinner, but holding the beef." Kind of a weird analogy, but I'll buy it.

He also defended his decision by saying they couldn't make a new one that matches the other three, so they aren't going to cash in on the craze and do it anyway; I admire that. Good call, Bob Gale. Here's hoping there's not a remake boiling out there somewhere.

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