Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Watchmen News

Zack Synder (300, Dawn of the Dead from 2004) has been given the opportunity to make a movie out of the only graphic novel to make Time Magazine's greatest novels of the twentieth century. "Watchmen" follows a group of retired superheroes as they search for a criminal who is methodically killing off old superheroes, their partners. It's a murder-mystery comic with more intelligence in it than any book I've read in the past five years. I just finished reading the massive graphic novel last week, and after reading it I'm really excited about the release of the film in 10 months.

I realize that most of you haven't read it, but for those of you who have, you'll be interested to know the most recent developments regarding the movie. The Tales of the Black Freighter, the "comic within the comic" about the shipwrecked guy, is being planned for a separate animated movie that will be released on DVD a few days after the theatrical release of Watchmen. There is some controversy about whether Gerard Butler will still voice the lead character, but at one point that was definitely the case. Originally, TOTBF was going to be edited into the actual movie, but the budget got too out of hand, so they're making it direct-to-DVD. It will also feature a documentary called "Under the Hood" which chronicles the backstory of the elder generation of superheroes called The Minutemen.

The part that excites me the most is that after Watchmen gets released on DVD by itself, they are going to release an ultimate edition with The Tales of the Black Freighter edited into it just like in the graphic novel. Snyder says the movie as it stands right now is nearly three hours long, so people are predicting a four-plus hour ultimate edition. I truly think that Synder is the right person to direct this movie, and I think it's going to be fantastic. I can't wait for that Ultimate Edition...

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