Monday, May 12, 2008

Hot Tub Time Machine

Yep. The Hollywood Reporter brings us word that screenwriter Josh Heald has pitched a movie called Hot Tub Time Machine to MGM. What is it going to be about? Exactly what you think.

"Hot Tub" follows a group of guys, adults who used to be cads back in their heyday, who, after a night of vodka and Red Bulls in a hot tub, travel back in time and set out to rediscover their "mojo."

The funniest part is what MGM VP of Production Cale Boyter said when questioned about the film: "We're always looking for new ways to stand out against the pack in today's crowded marketplace, and what better way than to combine hot tub debauchery and the complications of time travel." That's one of the best justifications for a wild premise I've ever heard. This sounds like a Burt Reynolds movie.


Boomer said...

Wow. Awesome? I wish it would have been jager and redbull instead of vodka.

wladimir grevadoneroe said...

the movie sounds like it's going to rock, SOAP style, sans sam jackson of course.