Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tony Jaa is Back

Apparently some footage debuted at Cannes this week for Tony Jaa's directorial debut (?!) which is being called a sequel to Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior.

While I can't find the footage anywhere online, the tentative poster is pictured above - and it looks as ridiculous as I expected. For those of you who have seen Ong Bak, you'll be interested to know that the plot line of this supposed sequel has nothing to do with the original.

Jaa stars in a period piece as a poor orphan boy raised by a collection of martial arts masters from across Asia and ends up an expert in all, fusing the styles into a comprehensive fighting style.

Due to the non-relatedness of this plot to the first movie, there is speculation that the title will be changed when this gets closer to its release date. When is that? I have no idea, but you can be damn sure that I'll be checking on it. The Protector was awesome, and Tony Jaa is the man.


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herb tyranntula said...

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