Friday, May 16, 2008

Spidey 4 & 5 To Shoot Back To Back?

Cinematical brings us the rumor today that Spider-Man 4 and 5 might shoot back to back, whenever they get everything squared away on the business end.

James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) has apparently turned in his finished script for Spider-Man 4, but word is that his story arc encompasses two films, leaving the studio trying to renegotiate his contract in order to secure the second script. If this goes according to plan, there's the possibility that they'll shoot both films together, which also leads to conjecture about the same person directing both films. No official word yet on whether stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst are returning, or regarding Sam Raimi returning behind the camera.

All I have to say is: bring back Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy.


tee breezy said...

I'd gwen HER stacey all day...

Anonymous said...

Bring Bryce back as Gwen? Oh HELL yes. She was the best thing about the last one. I couldn't get over how gorgeous she was.